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LUCIC India is an institution primarily committed to the teaching of the Chinese (Mandarin) language including translation & localization services. It aims at fulfilling the need of working professionals, business people and full-time/part-time students by developing knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting and who strives for conversational fluency in a variety of situations covering daily usage or business

At LUCIC India, we focus at and value your business needs, business preparedness, business realization strategies and business results.

We are in pursuit of methods which make language learning faster, more efficient, more beneficial and more economical which has resulted in a unique blended technique offering. LUCIC India has developed technology features and a teaching approach that is unmatched with any other method.

LUCIC India aims at becoming a world class, globally competitive, flexible technical and language services company, responsive to the growth of an individual, society and the institute itself satisfying the developmental needs of the people all across the world.

In a global marketplace, the ability to communicate is critical. In addition to language instruction, LUCIC India offers a range of training programs designed to increase your linguistic, intercultural and technical skills. Taught by experienced and highly trained instructors, programs are available on multiple delivery platforms, so you can choose the one that best fits your learning style and schedule


Our mission is to implement a program of education in Technology and Linguistic area, relevant to the current needs of the industry, alive to the long term requirements and responsive to the anticipated changes and developments.


LUCIC India philosophy is based on power of knowledge and value it brings to individuals and organization per se. With rising client expectations, organizations are expected to deliver quality work within tight budget and schedule. In view of these factors, availability of trained and experienced resources has become all the more imperative to have an edge over the competition.

LUCIC India addresses the learning needs of IT professionals within software companies including directors, CXO's & MD's.


Why to learn a foreign language ?


  • Learning a foreign language can increase creativity amongst your workforce.


  • Employees who learn a language will also develop an understanding of foreign culture, politics and business practices.


  • Learning a second language helps to improve your employees’ English too! It encourages learners to think about areas such as grammatical construction and ultimately will lead to a better grasp of their native language.


  • Providing language training can help to prevent staff from developing memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


  • Learning a language will help build employee confidence in dealing with overseas customers.


  • Language training will make employees feel valued and gives learners a great sense of achievement.