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For businesses around the world, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly attractive. With over 1.3 billion residents from 56 ethnic subdivisions, communicating with Chinese organizations calls for expert understanding, local knowledge and real-world experience.


Why choose LUCIC India

Managing translation can be complex - at LUCIC India we make it simple, fun-filled and inexpensive.


LUCIC India was founded on a simple business premise: that unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. Today, as the world’s largest privately held provider of translation services, LUCIC India utilizes a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. LUCIC India offers three-step process with a translator, editor, and proofreader, all designed to meet the evolving needs of global businesses.


We at LUCIC India, have sufficient skills to handle Chinese translation for individuals, government agencies or private companies. Delivering top notch Chinese translation and interpreting Services with affordable prices have always been our goal. Whether it is Chinese to English or English to Chinese, our Chinese translation team has the finest experts in their relevant field. We hire global linguists to make sure we bring you only the premium quality result for you and your business needs.


We have experienced and skilled language translators who satisfy your stringent requirement criteria by combining technical expertise with proven linguistic ability. We do not use translation softwares in any shape or form. LUCIC India’s selection and evaluation process guarantees the quality of our services.The language service team comprising of linguistic experts will provide you with the rapid and cost effective solution to your translation, localization and interpretation needs.


When we say translation, we do not mean the simple translation from one language to another. The translation and localization is an entire process that requires linguistic skills as well as the adequate information about the culture of the land. The entire business is aimed towards reaching out to more people who speak the local language. When we translate and localize the product, website or various promotional merchandize into a target language, our linguistic experts ensure that the language carries the culture, expressions and characteristics of the language, instead of a word-to word translation while adapting from the source content.


Which type of written Chinese is appropriate for your target market?

Chinese translation is not as simple as it may seem, as the language can take on many forms and dialects.


If for example your audience is in mainland China or Singapore, your translations will need to be in Simplified Chinese. However, if your audience is in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, Traditional Chinese should be applied.


It is very important that translated content employs the language customs and styles of the target audience. It is vital that your content is accurately localised by professional linguists, who are native speakers and possess a full understanding of the culture, tone and style of your target market.


According to research by the Common Sense Advisory, Traditional Chinese translations should be a strong consideration for businesses operating within the hi-tech industry, and Simplified Chinese should be applied for companies within the energy and manufacturing sectors.


So, if you are aiming to be heard in various languages in other parts of the globe; write-in to us for more information and we will provide you with the assistance to cross the language barrier to be truly global.


LUCIC India has a team of verified & experienced Language Interpreters, whose services can be utilized for Business Meetings, Delegations visiting India, Indian Delegations visiting abroad, Machine Installation etc. We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for Conferences, Seminars, Negotiations and Meetings - anywhere in India and abroad. Whatever is the business need and your expectation, LUCIC India interpreters will make your communications seamless and effortless and make your business meeting move ahead without any language barriers.


Please feel free to Contact Us today for more information about the services we provide, or let us know your needs for your translation project and we will be happy to send you a quotation.

Key Areas

Our Chinese Document Translation, Interpretation and Localization Services include:

  • Survey documents
  • Industry Documents (e.g. Automotive)
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Electronics Specifications Documents
  • Children Books, Magazines, e-zines
  • Brochures & Websites
  • Business & Travel
  • Medical
  • Personal documents like Visting Cards
  • Purchasing Documents
  • Birth Certificates, Certificates of Graduation, Transcripts
  • Movie Scripts
  • Branding advertisements, Banners & Campaign Leaflets etc.


We are a full language solution provider comprised of highly qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, professional language experts committed to provide solutions for all your translation and interpretation needs.


We know how valuable your time is, and therefore we strive to enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality which reflects Availability, Completeness, Timeliness, Versatility and Reliability.


Every project has different requirements, so we offer five different service levels to match your needs.


We work 24 hours a day, so there’s always a friendly answer your questions and keep your project on track.


Chinese translation -

- things to consider

Due to the intricate relations between language and culture, accurate English to Chinese translation is always a difficulty.


There are many differences between the Chinese and English languages. Firstly, Chinese doesn’t spell phonetically; there are no links between how a word is read and how it is written. Double negatives (“I can’t dissuade him”), long sentences, and the use of “the” are just some of the long list of things that are regularly mistranslated into Chinese dialects.


Another issue surrounds new words that have no Chinese equivalent. “Responsibility”, “Accountability” and “Liability” are often translated with the same phrase, and there are still two versions of the word “internet”, both in equal use.


For any kind of document we offer you the best and lowest rate as per market and quality at par.


To get the quote, please contact us by filling up the registration form or mail us with your requirements (sample document which need to be translated along with the required time line at