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Personal & Group Training

Why to choose personal training for language course and why its highly effective:


  1. You wish to learn to communicate well in a foreign language quickly with full focus of trainer on YOU.
  2. You & your trainer earn the language with clear objectives in mind and work towards that goal.
  3. You wish to put what you have learnt into practice immediately.
  4. The one-on-one teaching is a tried, tested & trusted success formula at LUCIC India.
  5. You explain your training need completely around your requirements, objectoves & preferences. After this you execute it yourself along with your personal coach.


Trust us, you will experience fantastic results with your private coaching, multimedia lessons and independent study hours; the blend of different language experts and the program mix keeps you sharp and focussed every time. The lessons are fully tailored to your learning goals. Because of this unique mix, every moment of the day with LUCIC India is effective and productive for YOU.


The benefits of Group Training are:


  1. Extensive interaction between the trainer and trainees, which allows participants to get much more assistance with individual needs.
  2. More opportunities for the trainer to focus on participants’ individual errors and provide positive criticism and suggestion for improved use.
  3. One of the most important fact about group training is that you get your surroundings and your group mates with similar targets and motivations, this keeps you 'alert' always for your objective.


The writing focus of the courses also benefitted significantly from the incorporation of tailored self-study assignment into the program. This approach allowed participants to extend their application of what they were learning in class and maximized their interaction with the trainer. The increased interactivity during the face-to-face sessions and enhanced opportunities for personal attention from the trainer resulted in higher levels of improvement in less time.



Why Mandarin ?

We list few reasons to reply people who want to learn Chinese or know more about China.


  • Chinese characters are the oldest continuously used system of writing in the world.
  • They have a history of over 4,500 years.
  • Learning Chinese Calligraphy is fun. The visually beautiful and often poetic script can give you a useful insight into the Chinese mind.
  • Speaking Mandarin offers the keys to rich artistic and cultural heritage of China.
  • Knowing how to read and write Chinese characters will help you learn written Japanese more quickly.
  • Chinese grammar is surprisingly straightforward, with none of the tense, plurals, cases or genders that can make learning European language difficult.
  • China is the world’s second largest economic entity and is expected to become the largest economic entity by 2030.
  • UK employers mentioned Mandarin as second only to French as language skills they would be looking for in future employees.
  • Knowledge of Mandarin opens up a new and extraordinary promising dimension for those individuals or enterprises who want to try new countries and ventures.


Some more...


Training materials and audio will be provided for improving the listening and speaking capacity. Dialogue practice among group or with teacher will be a part of language program. Regular assessment will be there after completion of each lesson.




Course Content

Duration (Hrs.)

Beginner I

This is the Chinese language course for beginners which includes introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After completing this course, the candidate


• Chinese Pinyin - the system of transcribing Chinese sounds phonetically using the western alphabet

• Greetings and addressing people

• Self introduction, family introduction, friends introduction,

• Visiting people

• Countries and nationalities

• Exchanging personal information. contact information: what’s your name, telephone number

• Food

• Asking about price

• Shopping

• Telling your hobbies etc.

• Will learn to read and write up to 400-450 Chinese Characters



Beginner II

This is an extension to the beginner’s level course with more characters, grammar and topics like:


• Time and date: shop opening times, train departure times

• Travelling

• Holidays

• Introducing the city and the weather

• Discussing various mode of transportation

• Health related issues etc.

• Telling short stories and asking related questions

• candidate can read and write up to 900 Chinese characters.






Intermediate I

In this course the below mentioned topics will be covered:


• Talk about home and furniture

• At the office

• Animals and pets

• Ordering a meal

• Booking a hotel room

• Buying a ticket

• Candidate can read and write up to 1500 Chinese characters.



Intermediate II

In this course the below mentioned topics will be covered:


• Asking directions

• At the post office

• Talking about the weather

• At the bank

• Making a complaint

• Being a guest

• Seeing a doctor

• candidate will learn to read and write up to 2000 Chinese characters.

The candidate will listen to the Chinese advertisement and will be asked to do the interpretation, thereby improving the listening capacity of the candidate. This will help the candidate to become more familiar with Chinese language spoken by native speakers.






Advanced I

In this level, again the main focus will be on:


• Chinese trade related conversation, stock market, export and imports

• Introduction of Chinese short movies/ documentary/ serials

• Will learn to read and write up to 2500 Chinese characters.

• Newspaper reading and magazines

• Chinese Idioms



Advanced II

In this level, the candidate will


• Learn about the culture and History of China.

• Will learn more about do and don’t in China, new idioms and new characters.

• Can read and understand Chinese Newspaper and magazines with much ease.

• Can read and write up to 3000 Chinese characters.


After completing this level the candidate can speak and understand mostly all the topics in Chinese language.