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Online Mandarin Training

The world has become a global village and hence, the language is playing a pivotal role in reaching out to the people across the globe. Speaking local language is a mantra that never fails in striking the chord. The world is connected through the web; however, it is important to reach out to people’s mind and heart and not only to their computers. The easiest yet the most effective way to reach out to people and being heard is by speaking their language.


Enroll in Language Training classes ONLINE - from anywhere in the world. We provide exceptional customization and quality for the same cost as pre-packaged programs, backed up by a unconditional guarantee in the language business. All you need to have a good and consistent broadband internet connection.


Key benefits of online or Remote Mandarin Training (RMT) from LUCIC India:

  • Learn virtually live directly from our expert language trainers at LUCIC India, or take the same interactive lessons online from anywhere you access the internet.
  • You can also record the online training sessions while being taught, whci makes this type of learning a self-paced learning and revision for you after having the online session.
  • This way the live online training is available direct to your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or BlackBerry through WebEx or SKYPE.
  • Exceptional customization and quality, backed by an unconditional guarantee.
  • The courses are conducted entirely online avoiding the need of travel and save your precious time.
  • You gain an interesting learning experience based on fascinating interactive tools.
  • Post-course completion, learning material and recorded session becomes available to you anywhere and anytime.
  • You can continue practicing the language through online recorded sessions or language coaching with one of our language trainers, which helps prevent first language-influenced mistakes from creeping (back) in and keeps the language fresh in your mind.




Learn at your pace & place

Mastering a second language is considered as an essential skill in 21st century. Since China has become one of the inflectional countries, many people begin to be interested in Chinese culture and most of them try to learn Chinese to acquire themselves with the basic knowledge of Chinese culture.


And 21st century is the information age which means a lot of information is available on the internet. For the people who can access to internet, they are given an opportunity to learn mandarin easier.


Take your lessons when it is most convenient for you. A 30 minutes quick review class while eating your breakfast or couple hours lesson during weekend at home, it is the most efficient way if you have busy work schedule and travel often.


Private program just for you. All online classes to individuals at LUCIC India are one-on-one based. Out staff will chat with you first, after knowing your goal of study and background, we will find the right tutor for you to design your won program.


With our qualified trainers you can attend our online classes and speak the most spoken language in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home.


All you need to have is a Skype account and we are ready to go.


Training materials and audio will be provided for improving the listening and speaking capacity. Dialogue practice among group or with teacher will be a part of language program. Regular assessment will be there after completion of each lesson.



Course Content

Duration (Hrs.)

Beginner I

This is a Chinese language course for beginners which includes introduction of phonetics and daily expressions. After completing this course, the candidate


• Chinese Pinyin - the system of transcribing Chinese sounds phonetically using the western alphabet

• Greetings and addressing people

• Self introduction, family introduction, friends introduction,

• Visiting people

• Countries and nationalities

• Exchanging personal information. contact information: what’s your name, telephone number

• Food,

• Asking about price,

• Shopping

• Telling your hobbies etc.

• Will learn to speak up to 400-450 Chinese Characters.



Beginner II

This is an extension to the beginner’s level course with more characters, grammar and topics like:


• Time and date: shop opening times, train departure times

• Travelling

• Holidays

• Introducing the city and the weather

• Discussing various mode of transportation

• Health related issues etc.

• Telling short stories and asking related questions

• Candidate can speak up to 900 Chinese characters.






Intermediate I

In this course the below mentioned topics will be covered:


• Talk about home and furniture

• At the office

• Animals and pets

• Ordering a meal

• Booking a hotel room

• Buying a ticket

• Candidate can speak up to 1500 Chinese characters.



Intermediate II

The candidate will listen to the Chinese advertisement and will be asked to do the interpretation, thereby improving the listening capacity of the candidate. This will help the candidate to become more familiar with Chinese language spoken by native speakers. Also the topics covered are:


• Asking directions

• At the post office

• Talking about the weather

• At the bank

• Making a complaint

• Being a guest

• Seeing a doctor

• Will learn to speak up to 2000 Chinese characters.






Advanced I

In this level, again the main focus will be on:


• Chinese trade related conversation, stock market, export and imports

• Introduction of Chinese short movies/ documentary/ serials

• Will learn to speak up to 2500 Chinese characters.

• Newspaper reading and magazines

• Chinese Idioms



Advanced II

In this level, the candidate will


• Learn about the culture and History of China.

• Will learn more about do and don’t in China, new idioms and new characters.

• Can read and understand Chinese Newspaper and magazines with much ease.

• Will learn to speak up to 3000 Chinese characters.


After completing this level the candidate can speak and understand mostly all the topics in Chinese language.