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Target Audience

LUCIC India cover key vocabulary and scenario based language training allows clients to use Mandarin Chinese comfortably in a variety of professional environments. Elements within the module can be adjusted to suit business type requirements.


Non-language based modules cover skills and information essential to doing business in China. The Business and China professional training programs are developed to accommodate the time and energy constraints of busy business people. Time and location is flexible with sessions running short in workshop style.


Costs are also flexible depending on the needs of clients and number of students.


At LUCIC India, the courses are targeted at different audiences. To a certain extent, our courses address a general audience and introduce the foundations for language learning.


Our interactive courses including RMT are ideal for:

  • Professionals who wish to acquire or improve their foreign language skills
  • Freshers and other working professional who are personally interested in learning foreign language.
  • High school students who want to pursue their career in foreign languages
  • Businessmen and industrialists who are running or expanding their business in Chinese speaking counties

The objective of this program is to impart frequent travelers and business personnel practical Chinese lessons. These courses are industry specific and focus on establishing business relations. Intercultural sensitization is an integral part of this program. LUCIC India also offers Mandarin courses as a part of your Management training program. We have a set syllabus with trained teachers conducting the courses. For more information please contact:

LUCIC India specializes in corporate language training for executives all over the globe. The corporate language training is recommended for companies of any size and industry.


Client companies can have their staff trained in small groups to raise the level of their language proficiency to a target standard. Our corporate language training programs can be arranged for any number of staff and are tailored to the strategic requirements of the client company and are developed to promote a faster and more effective acquisition of corporate language skills for your employees.


Corporate group training programs can be held on a company's premises (in-company language courses). At LUCIC India, candidates are put to a personalized curriculum and are also provided with hands-on training and are continuously encouraged to work on mini-projects.


Our corporate group training courses focus on fluency, accuracy, communication skills and most importantly confidence building. The contents of the course is fully tailored to address participants’ everyday executive Chinese language needs and quickly improve job-related and effective communication skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening.


Regular dialogues practice among the group and assessment will encourage the candidates to grasp the language with much ease.

Detail of our corporate training course:


Beginner Level

This course is especially designed for the working professionals who have no prior exposure to Chinese language and are interested in conducting business in China. The objective of this course is to build a foundation of basic Chinese in the business context, with a main focus on speaking and listening. Topics in the course include introduction to pinyin, greeting people, introducing yourself, introducing companies, dining invitations and practicing dining etiquette. The emphasis is on correct pronunciation, accurate tones and basic grammatical structures. Chinese characters will alsot be taught at this stage.


Intermediate Level

This course is aimed at enhancing candidates' language skills in a business context and to promote their understanding about business environment and culture in contemporary China. By the end of the course, students will be able to gain vocabulary and fluency in Chinese to function more confidently in real business settings and give simple business presentations in Chinese. Aspects of the class include drills on vocabulary, sentence patterns and discussions about business issues.


Advanced Level

This course is designed for the candidates who are conducting specific projects in China or are willing to establish a business relationship in Asian markets. By the end of the training program, students will become more sophisticated in their understanding of their business projects in Chinese and in using Chinese business terminology in professional settings.


Corporate Training