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Hànyu Shuiping Kaoshì (HSK)


About Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Certification


The Hànyu Shuiping Kaoshì (HSK), (Chinese: 汉语水平考试), translated as Chinese Proficiency Test or Chinese Standard Exam is China's only standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese.


The test is administered by Hanban, an agency of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The test aims to be a certificate of language proficiency for higher educational and professional purposes.


Each year HSK certificates are issued to those who meet required scores. The HSK is administered in Simplified Chinese. In addition test takers with outstanding results can win a scholarship for short-term language study in China.


There are six levels of writing tests, namely HSK (Level I), HSK (Level II), HSK (Level III), HSK (Level IV), HSK (Level V), HSK (Level VI).


There are three levels of speaking tests, namely the HSK (beginner level), HSK (intermediate level), and HSK (advance level). During the speaking test, test takers’ speeches will be recorded.



More on HSK

Listening, Reading and Writing each have a maximum score of 100. HSK 1 and 2 therefore have a maximum score of 200 with 120 points required to pass. The higher levels have a maximum of 300 points with 180 points required to pass. There is no minimum amount of points required for each of the sections as long as the sum is over 120 or 180 points respectively.


Advantages of HSK


  • All examination candidates will receive examination reports. A HSK result is valid for long period of time; for university entrance a HSK result is valid for two years.
  • Certificate holders are exempt from Chinese language requirement at a corresponding level at Chinese educational institutions.
  • Certificates are a reference standard used by different enterprises, organizations and educational institutions in recruiting people for jobs for which Chinese language skills are necessary.
  • Certificates serve as an exemption of language testing for hiring decisions for positions requiring basic competence in Chinese.
  • Reports act as a reference to evaluate primary and secondary school’s Chinese language programs.


HSK Test Fees

Test fees might differ due to exchange rates of different countries. You need to contact the test center you wish to take the test for test fees.


Result Certification

Test takers will receive the results for the new HSK test issued by Hanban within three weeks after the test.